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CSS. Revisiting the rendering tier / Piccalilli, a newsletter by Andy Bell / Hyphenation in CSS.

CMS. SSG powered by Airtable, why not.

Build tools (Or lack thereof). Moving from Gulp to Parcel / Don't build that app! / A future without Webpack

Web platform. Native lazy-loading: images (and iframes) will get a loading attribute! / Chrome 73 brings PWAs to the Mac (release notes) — oh, and all scroll listeners are passive by default now / Safari 12.1 for iOS comes with support for <input type='color'/>, media queries for Dark Mode, Web Share API, and more (release notes) / Pointer Events Level 2 is a W3C Recommendation / Idiosyncracies of the HTML parser

Web Components / Accessibility. Open Web Component Recommendations / The Gold Standard Checklist / Guidelines from the W3C TAG / Tom MacWright on <button> elements / Scott O'Hara's Updated Switch script / Elizabeth Schafer on Designing button focus states for better usability

React. Trying React Hooks for the first time (video)

Tutorials. Demo-Man interactive tutorials explaining useful math for game development, but also of interest to creative coders / Little Things by Amit Patel

Creative coding. Recent experiments from Anders Hoff and Matt DesLauriers / by Alex Bainter (repo), Making Generative Music in the Browser / See also: How Generative Music Works by Tero Parviainen

Data viz. Sarah Leo, Mistakes, we've drawn a few / Data Visualization Handbook; the book is gorgeous, and the site contains a few useful PDF freebies.

Work(life) The Strategic Independent by Tom Critchlow.

Typefaces. Public Sans by the US Web Design System.

Tip. Did you know you can long-press the new tab button in iOS Safari to get the option to close all tabs? Instant life improvement.

Soundtrack: Beth Gibbons & The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra play Henryk Górecki's Symphony no. 3