React. Mapping it out — Developer roadmap and A guide to the ecosystem / You really can get started with React in a few minutes: React is just JavaScript and Easy Peasy React Cheesy / Still on the topic of learning, Brandon Dail says:

If you're looking to step up your @reactjs game, try reading through the test suite. They use the public APIs so they're easy to read if you're familiar with the basics, and they cover almost all supported use cases!

Creative coding. Raven Kwok's Autotroph page includes a great breakdown video on how it's built / In case you missed it:, which lets you host small web pages in the URL itself, has been doing the rounds.

Learning. Interneting is hard, friendly web development tutorials for complete beginners / How to make CSS Grid work everywhere (*cough* IE), a three-part series: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd / Regular expressions are great no matter what anybody tells you; here's Surma's most useful RegExp trick / I'd given up trying to keep up with Chrome's dev tools, but this is helpful: A Deep Dive into Chrome’s Dev Console / I Used The Web For A Day With Just A Keyboard / Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design.

Essays. You don't have to live in public / Did blogs ruin the web? Or did the web ruin blogs? / Your App Is Good And You Should Feel Good

Parting thought. The cycle of life:

We design a simple system. Then we make it more complicated. More complicated. More complicated. Then someone else makes a new simple system. People switch to that one. Then they make it more complicated.........

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