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Web platform. HTML includes that work today by Scott Jehl / accessible-image-lazy-load, an image loading technique using <a> elements / Web Components will replace your front-end framework by Danny Moerkerke; they probably won't, but a nice intro to Web Components nonetheless.

Reference. Git tips, recipes for common Git tasks / Algorithms, a CC-licensed book by Jeff Erickson

Open-source. The levels of OSS maitenance, a handy chart

Usability / Accessibility. Modes in User Interfaces by Page Laubheimer (Nielsen Norman Group) / Under-engineered Toggles by Adrian Roselli

Work(life). Stefanie Posavec asks: any tips for how you've actively gotten out of creative ruts / changed the direction of your creative practice? / The Underestimated Merits of Copying Someone's Work (2016) by Khoi Vinh.

CMS. charge, a static site generator. (cf. The underestimated merits of implementing your own SSG) / servor, a very lightweight local server.

TIL. String.raw is the "default" tag function, (almost¹) the same as writing a template literal without a tag:

String.raw`You have ${10} items` // => "You have 10 items"
`You have ${10} items`; // => "You have 10 items"

¹ Update: There are some difference between the two in regards to backslash escaping:

String.raw`Hello\nWorld`; // => "Hello\\nWorld"
`Hello\nWorld`; // => "Hello\nWorld"

You can, instead, use the dummy-tag package, which implements a default interpolation.

The value of a prototype is in the education it gives you, not in the code itself. — Alan Cooper

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