A selection of projects

Open-source software


Turn web pages into readable PDF, EPUB, or HTML files from the command line.


A comprehensive JavaScript library for working with color.


Extract data from HTML/XML as JSON from the command line, using qsx, a query language based on CSS selectors.


A Timber-based WordPress theme you can build upon.


WIP A CSS selector parser and DOM query engine.


WIP A just-enough template language.


WIP Marcel, a static website generator.


Browser tools

Vizor is a front-end to perform optical character recognition on images using the Google Vision API. I use it to digitize books for llll.

Clipboard Inspector. Working with the clipboard in web browsers is subject to many quirks and inconsistencies. This tool helps you explore the data available to your web page on paste and drop events.

UI Events Viewer helps you debug the events dispatched by browsers when you input text. It also collects the input methods available on various platforms.

CMYK Named Colors is a collection of CSS named colors, converted to CMYK and back to sRGB.


llll, a collection of Romanian written works in the public domain.

astpls, a tiny guide to Romanian diacritical marks and typographical conventions.


DOM Events Diagram, a visual reference of DOM Event interface inheritance.

WordPress Template Hierarchy, a visual guide.

My toolbox collects favorite software libraries, command-line cheatsheets, et cetera.

React recipes documents ways of working with React.js.


Miscellaneous notes.

Big, IRL things