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A selection of projects

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on in my spare time.

Software tools

Percollate logo Percollate

Turn web pages into readable PDF, EPUB, HTML, or Markdown files from the command line.

Culori logo Culori

A comprehensive JavaScript library for working with color.

Clipboard Inspector logo Clipboard Inspector

A tool to help you explore the kinds of data available when you paste something on a web page, or drop something onto it.

QSX logo QSX

QSX, a query language based on CSS selectors for extracting things from the DOM.

Hred logo Hred

Extract data from HTML/XML as JSON from the command line, using QSX.

Selery logo Selery

A CSS selector parser and DOM query engine.

Ltr logo Ltr

Segment text into characters, words, or sentences from the command line.

Trimd logo Trimd

Convert between HTML and Markdown from the command line, plus a matching online tool.

Yamatter logo Yamatter

Inspect and transform YAML front-matter data from the command line.

UI Events Viewer logo UI Events Viewer

The UI Events Viewer helps you debug the events dispatched by browsers when you input text.

Vizor logo Vizor

A front-end to perform optical character recognition on images using the Google Vision API.

Lathe logo Lathe

A Timber-based WordPress theme you can build upon.

Sontag logo Sontag

WIP A just-enough template language.

Marcel logo Marcel

WIP Marcel, a static website generator.


llll logo llll

A collection of Romanian written works in the public domain.

Type Atlas logo Type Atlas

A directory of contemporary type design, with a focus on active, independent designers and foundries.

CMYK Named Colors logo CMYK Named Colors

A collection of CSS named colors, converted to CMYK and back to sRGB.

ășț pls logo ășț pls

A handy guide to Romanian diacritical marks and typographical conventions.

Guides and resources

This section has moved to the digital garden.

Tiny JavaScript libraries

a reference implementation for multi-touch gestures to support the article Pinch me, I'm zooming: gestures in the DOM.
a Node.js command-line argument parser that follows POSIX guidelines.
a basic command-line tool for working with the Netscape Bookmark File format
a purposefully minuscule internationalization library for JavaScript.
spell any number from zero to a trillion, in Romanian.

For even smaller pieces of code, see the Snippets section.