A selection of projects


Turn web pages into readable PDF, EPUB, or HTML files from the command line.


A comprehensive JavaScript library for working with color.


A collection of Romanian written works in the public domain.


Extract data from HTML/XML as JSON from the command line, using qsx, a query language based on CSS selectors.


A Timber-based WordPress theme you can build upon.

Clipboard Inspector

A tool to help you explore the kinds of data available when you paste something on a web page, or drop something onto it.


A front-end to perform optical character recognition on images using the Google Vision API. I use it to digitize books for llll.

ășț pls

A handy guide to Romanian diacritical marks and typographical conventions.

CMYK Named Colors

A collection of CSS named colors, converted to CMYK and back to sRGB.


WIP A CSS selector parser and DOM query engine.


WIP A just-enough template language.


WIP Marcel, a static website generator.

UI Events Viewer

A tool to debug the events dispatched by browsers when you input text. Also includes a catalog of input methods available on various platforms.


toolbox My toolbox

Collects favorite software libraries, command-line cheatsheets, etc.

react recipes React Recipes

Documents ways of working with React.js.

Releasing JavaScript

A short guide to writing & maintaining open-source JavaScript projects.

DOM Events Diagram

A visual reference of DOM Event interface inheritance.


Details in interaction design.

Tiny libraries