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All I want is to be someone that makes new things and thinks about them. — a haiku by John Maeda

React. react-beautiful-dnd has just hit version 8, and seems a robust and comprehensive library for drag-and-drop interactions / react-keyboardist is for adding keyboard shortcuts to your app / atomic-layout uses CSS Grid to build layouts, looks promising / react-from-zero uses annotated code examples that work directly in the browser to teach React basics.

Essays. Balancing Time / Mediocre ideas, showing up, and persistence / Reclaiming RSS / Readme Driven Development, and Working Backwards / Anti-Flow.

Reference. An explanation of all the different fields in package.json / Inclusive design principles / Tips for writing better.

Parting thought. Programming wisdom around "premature" optimization — identifying it as the root of all evil, even — is one of the maddeningly pervasive sound bites that tends to shore up on my timeline from time to time. Left unexamined, it's misunderstood as a carte blanche for writing inefficient code. Emil Persson writes a response to the latest offender.

Soundtrack: Ian William Craig — A Turn of Breath.