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React. react-sizeme sounds like it could be useful for measuring DOM nodes after they're rendered / The React folks are working on a Profiler tool, which may make performance enhancements easier than with packages such as why-did-you-update / react-pdf promises to let you build PDFs in JSX.

Design Systems. The GDS system published the GOV.UK Design System.

Static site generators. After I stared working on marcel, I learned about eleventy, which looks great and shares the ethos, I think / twig.js and twing are two JavaScript implementations of the Twig template language, which you may remember is my favorite.

Creative coding. rabbitear is an origami-building library for the web.

TIL. I didn't know this about this about the String split() method:

If separator is a regular expression that contains capturing parentheses, then each time separator is matched, the results (including any undefined results) of the capturing parentheses are spliced into the output array.

Soundtrack. Driftmachine — Shunter