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React. react-window looks like a fast way to render lots of objects in a viewport, without compromising the performance; seems to be a refresh of react-virtualized? / Speaking of refreshes, reach-router from the creator of react-router / react-powerplug has some useful little components / react-focus-marshall traps the keyboard tabbing focus within a component / I should check out create-react-library.

Static site generators. Regular reminder that Hugo is very fast / Hexo is written in JavaScript and works with nunjucks templates, which are like Twig templates from PHP (or Liquid in Ruby, or Jinja2 in Python) — my favorite templating language.

Bundlers. parcel is fast and lovely and you set it up in about a minute for a new project.

Coding life. Finally looked at Prettier and like it very much; also added husky and set up a precommit hook to run prettier on committed code / docz is a promising — but still in progress — project on writing docs for React projects using MDX (Markdown + JSX); and Facebook launched docusaurus, which is more in the vein of Gatsby, I think.

Soundtrack. Roger Eno — Dust of Stars