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My setup

On my laptop. I write code Sublime Text. For quick notes, shopping lists, things I need to do, and other scraps of information it's either nvALT (a fork of the excellent, but no longer maintained, Notational Velocity) or iA Writer, both of which operate on .txt files in a Dropbox folder synced to my phone. I browse the web with Firefox. For FTP and Amazon S3 I use Transmit whose Sync feature is pretty great, but whenever possible I either rsync or rclone into remote hosts. I listen to music on Bandcamp or Apple Music. I subscribe to blogs with NetNewsWire (see an assortment of feeds). I push pixels in Photoshop and edit vectors in Illustrator (what I love about it is that you can just ⌘C some shapes and ⌘V them as SVG in any text editor). I keep my Mac alive with Caffeine. Gemini 2 and DaisyDisk are excellent for identifying and removing crap from my disk, whose free space is always in short supply.

In my backpack. I've recently discovered the pleasure of working with my MacBook perched on top of a Nextstand K2 (thanks, Adi!), with an external keyboard and trackpad.