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Web platform. New in Firefox Nightly: subgrid (Michelle Barker reports), -webkit-line-clamp / Panic relates the trepidations of working with extended gamut colors in CSS

Open Source. Open Source beyond the market by DHH / GitHub debuts Sponsors

JavaScript. How to use reduce() for more than just numbers by James Sinclair / Functional-ish JavaScript by Daniel Brain

CMS / SSG. Switching from WordPress to Hugo, a guide by Christopher Kirk-Nielsen / Static web — back to the roots? and The edge of the static web, two articles by Brice Berdah

Explorable explanations. Going Critical by Kevin Simler

React / Web Components. A Unified Styling Language by Mark Dalgleish / watch this space: no-virtual-dom is a short list of libraries and frameworks that don't use the Virtual DOM approach to managing UI state

UX / Accessibility. Accessibility Checklist from the A11Y Project / Accessible Icon Buttons by Sara Soueidan / Building websites for Reader Mode by Mandy Michael / The difference between keyboard and screen reader navigation, by Léonie Watson

Deep dives. Intro to font metrics by Weston Thayer

Software Architecture. Martin Fowler on Technical Debt

Toolbox. Skia, the graphics engine that powers Firefox and Chrome, has a suprisingly nice documentation; they've made some path geometry utilities available in JavaScript (via WASM) / Keyframe-based responsive design with Typetura.js

Work(life). You got this. by Jeffrey Zeldman / Why did I write my programming projects?

Thoughts I came across this week:

Technology won't save us (sorry, AV's). Innovations are not required. Solutions we seek for the future can be found in principles of the past. (source)


The first step in solving any problem is to dramatically underestimate its difficulty. (source)

Soundtrack: Kangding Ray and Zomby (on repeat)