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Web Platform. dimport, run ES Module syntax (import, import(), and export) in any browser (even IE) / A canary version of the Chromium-based Edge is now available for macOS

Specs. hOCR / hocrjs / hocr-proofreader

CMS / SSG / WYSIWYG. A few interesting work-in-progress ideas in this space: blocks, a MDX-based WYSIWYG editor; grit, a Markdown editor for statically generated blogs

React / Web Components. By the Hook, a practical introduction to React hooks by Matt Stobbs / Announcing Stencil One: Beta by Manu Almeida / Virtual DOM is Pure Overhead by Rich Harris

Toolbox. zebu by Justin Falcone, a compiler for little languages in tagged template strings / env-paths by Sindre Sorhus, useful for building CLI apps / Tornis, a minimal JavaScript library that watches the state of your browser's viewport

Creative coding. PhoneticMatching, text utilities to do string comparisons on phonemes (the sound of the string), as opposed to characters / Oimo.js, lightweight 3D physics engine / Babylon.js, a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5 and WebGL / generative art (with code) by Aaron Penne

Explorable explanations. Initializing neural networks / Folding the DOM by Josh Comeau / Yining Shi on Approaching Technology Creatively, Accessible Tech and Educational Tools

Knowledge work. Why books don't work by Andy Matuschak / Into the personal website-verse by Mattias Ott / Permission to write stuff by Brendan Dawes

TIL. I had heard the notion of zero-cost abstraction before, but this article clarified it for me / This one is also good

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