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Browsers. Starting with Firefox 72, notifications will only be allowed as a result of user interaction / A business case for dropping Internet Explorer by Ollie Williams /

CSS. The two-value syntax of the display property by Rachel Andrew / Uncommon use-cases for pseudo-elements by Ahmad Shadeed / How to learn CSS by Rachel Andrew / Things we can’t (yet) do in CSS by Rachel Andrew / Faster layouts with CSS Grid (and Subgrid!) by Miriam Suzanne / Variable Fonts: What web authors need to know by Jason Pamental / Box alignment and overflow by Chen Hui Jing

JavaScript. How to break the rules of React hooks by Matt Perry

UX / Accessibility. First Principles of Interaction Design by Bruce Tognazzini / HTMHell by Manuel Matuzović / JavaScript isn’t always available and it’s not the user’s fault by Adam Silver / Focusing on focus by Rakina Zata Amni / Accessible Drop Caps by Adrian Roselli / The problems with dropdown fields, and what to use instead, by Josh Wayne / Spectrum, Adobe's design system / Accessibility testing tools by Richard Saunders / What I’ve learned about accessibility in SPAs by Nolan Lawson / Auditing for accessibility problems with Firefox Developer Tools by Marco Zehe / Stop giving control hints to screen readers by Adrian Roselli

CMS / Semantic Web. The symbol management problem, or: why I (still) use Semantic Web technology by Dorian Taylor / “Create once, publish everywhere” with WordPress by Leonardo Losoviz / Reusable Blocks accessible in WordPress admin area by Bill Erickson / Create a bookmarking application with FaunaDB, Netlify and Eleventy

Performance. Cascading cache invalidation by Philip Walton

Making software. ‘Maintainable code is more important than clever code’, via John Gruber / How to write good documentation, and its essential elements, by Soham Kamani

Creative Coding. MAX cookbook by Christopher Dobrian and his students / Chaikin Curves by Amit Patel

Soundtrack: A Winged Victory for the Sullen — The Undivided Five