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Good games

In the browser

I got hooked on 2048 when it first came out, and since I haven’t really developed a good system to win reliably, it’s still very fun to play.

Word games. The NY Times Games, in particular Wordle and Connections, have become part of the morning routine.

From Merriam-Webster, Quordle has you solving four Wordles in sequence or in parallel. There’s also an eight-word counterpart, Octordle.

Cell Tower is a word searching game by Andrew Taylor.

Trivia. In Wikitrivia, you assemble events sourced from Wikipedia into a timeline. Also fun: Country Shape Quiz.

A Dark Room, a minimalist text-based game by Michael Townsend.

On iPhone/iPad

Mensa Brain Training: the app has not been updated in a number of years but still works great. Requires a subscription.


Party games