Web Platform. Chrome 66 has added support for images in the async clipboard API

CSS. Sizing web components / The highly anticipated Every Layout book by Heydon Pickering and Andy Bell is finally out / A .scroll-track utility by Andy Bell

Toolbox. mobx-state-tree / swup, a page transition library / Wakamai Fondue answers the question “What can my font do?” / Web quality checklist / Mapzen is now part of the Linux Foundation and their pricing seems very reasonable

UX / Accessibility. Sarah Gold on why Making cities smarter while protecting privacy is possible / Fast Software, the Best Software by Craig Mod / Introduction to the feed role attribute by Suman Damera / Avoid Default Field Validation by Adrian Roselli / Accessible inline list with bullets between items by Artem Sapegin / Principle by Jeremy Keith

UI Libraries / Web Components. Introduction to Svelte by Dave Ceddia / 7 Tools for Developing Web Components in 2019 by Jonathan Saring / Looking back on five years of web components by Joe Gregorio

Back-end. Daniel Vassallo on how he uses the good parts of AWS (Twitter thread)

Creative coding. Bartosz Ciechanowski has some in-depth articles on Alpha Compositing, Color Spaces, and (from a while back) Drawing Bézier curves / a JavaScript-based 2D canvas for computational thinking / Beadz, a drum machine by Heydon Pickering

Knowledge work. hypotext/notation, a collection of quotes on notation design & how it affects thought.

Today I learned

Web Components in SVG... are not supported. Which makes sense, in retrospect, as the Custom Elements API is defined only in the HTML spec.

Moving away from Gmail. I'm taking notes here.

More image optimizations. Still from Scott Jehl:


<img src="" />