Recent projects

Some of the things I’ve worked on *, still do †, or ought to ‡.

White Cuib

A tiny exhibition space in the heart of the city.


A collection of photographs found in flea markets – on Facebook for now, but is coming.

Someș Delivery

A yearly event that reimagines the role of the Someș River within the urban context.

ășț pls *

A little ranty page about proper usage of Romanian diacritical marks.

Urban Food Stories *

“Urban Food Stories is a collection of stories, as well as a challenge to rethink the city with a view to how food is produced and distributed.” – Romania’s Expo Stand at the International Union of Architects World Congress, Durban, 3-7 August 2014.


madeincluj dives into the history of Cluj-Napoca with map overlays from various eras, geolocated archival photography, the chronology of street names, and more. All code and data is on Github.


An online music player which used the APIs from SoundCloud and YouTube to search for and play music from a single interface. Needs a refresh since many things changed in the meantime. Github

Assorted GitHub repositories


I started writing a short book on getting up to speed with Grunt.js. It remained a work-in-progress but has some good stuff in it I think.


A collection of tools, libraries, APIs and data sources for building cool stuff.


Wordpress tips/tricks/tools I’m gathering along the way while learning how to use it.


Drawing every street in Romania using OpenStreetMap data, Node.js and SVG. Writeup here


Simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript recipes, thoroughly documented.


Export bookmarks from Safari’s Reading List to HTML.


Small datasets inspired by Darius Kazemi’s repository. Mostly words and geo stuff.


Fast Publish/Subscribe library.


A toolkit of library-agnostic components for modern JavaScript applications: State Manager, Pub/Sub, Lambda.