My setup

Software and hardware I use on a regular basis. (Updated Mar 2017)

I write code in Sublime Text 3. I keep lists, things I need to do, and other scraps of information in nvALT (a fork of the excellent, but no longer maintained, Notational Velocity), which stores them as .txt files in a Dropbox folder synced to my phone.

I browse the web with Firefox and develop in Chrome (it has better Dev Tools). At work we hang out on Slack, hooked up to our GitHub repositories and Intercom to make it easy to keep an eye on many things in one place. For FTP and Amazon S3 I use Transmit which is near-perfect (the Sync feature is killer).

I listen to music with Apple Music and Vox – the latter also has support for SoundCloud and online radio. I subscribe to blogs with Reeder (faves).

I push pixels in Photoshop and edit vectors in Illustrator (what I love about it is that you can just ⌘C some shapes and ⌘V them as SVG in any text editor). I scan old prints and films with an Epson V770 scanner and VueScan.

I keep my Mac alive with Caffeine and tame its brightness with f.lux. Gemini 2 and DaisyDisk are excellent for identifying and removing crap from my disk, whose free space is always in short supply.

I’ve largely given up on apps on my phone, save a few I use constantly. I access my notes from the Dropbox folder and edit them with iA Writer. I use VSCOcam or Instagram to fiddle with the photos I take. I listen to music on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. I use TuneIn for radio (faves) and Podcasts for podcasts (faves).

My bookmarks go into Pinboard – subscribing to a few hundred people with similar interests makes /network an essential stream of high-quality reads. All my code goes up on Github.

I love my UE Boom wireless speaker and my Fuji X100T camera.